Network downloads

Software current version: 3.10¬†¬†¬†¬†When an order is placed a site licence ‘key’ file¬†will be issued.¬† Adding the unique¬†‘nutkey’ file to the network package will enable the full version to be used.
Three options are available for the software download.¬† Firstly, a conventional installer package (msi), just follow the on-screen instructions during the installation.¬† Secondly, a ‘silent’ or Administrator¬†installer package (an msi package with the installations dialogs and desktop shortcut removed).
Thirdly, an ‘exe_only’¬†option is provided.¬† ‘Nutrients’ is compiled so that all resources are assembled into a single executable file.¬†¬†After the initial installation it is only necessary to substitute the new executable file to complete¬†an update.¬† There is no need to re-install the software.¬† ‘Nutrients’ will automatically notify users when an update is available (provided that an internet connection is available).¬† The executable file may also be used in a group policy deployment – see the ‘Installation Notes for Network Managers’.
Please download the chosen¬†option and extract the file to a safe location.¬† Before you deploy the network package please add the ‘nutkey’ site licence file.