Network downloads

Software current version: 3.10    When an order is placed a site licence 'key' file will be issued.  Adding the unique 'nutkey' file to the network package will enable the full version to be used.

Three options are available for the software download.  Firstly, a conventional installer package (msi), just follow the on-screen instructions during the installation.  Secondly, a 'silent' or Administrator installer package (an msi package with the installations dialogs and desktop shortcut removed).

Thirdly, an 'exe_only' option is provided.  'Nutrients' is compiled so that all resources are assembled into a single executable file.  After the initial installation it is only necessary to substitute the new executable file to complete an update.  There is no need to re-install the software.  'Nutrients' will automatically notify users when an update is available (provided that an internet connection is available).  The executable file may also be used in a group policy deployment - see the 'Installation Notes for Network Managers'.

Please download the chosen option and extract the file to a safe location.  Before you deploy the network package please add the 'nutkey' site licence file.

Support documents:


Download Installation Notes with
guidance for Network Managers

Download 'Get Started with Nutrients'.
A guide to support independent use of the
software in a single page Word file.

Download Terms and Conditions